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Does It Seem Like .  .  .

Does it seem like you are stuck; like everyone else is making progress except for you?

You could be in a Saturn holding pattern that is ultimately going to lead you towards being more realistic about what you really want in life and showing you a more practical and mature way of achieving it. Saturn transits force us to acknowledge that there are limitations in this world and that we need to learn to work within these limitations.

Does it seem like life is so full of mystery that it's difficult to bear? Are you feeling puzzled?

Quite possibly you could be in a Neptune transit where the lesson is one of faith and trust....learning to see beyond the appearance of things. Neptune transits can be somewhat unbearable but the ultimate lesson with this planet is to surrender. Giving up and surrendering are two different things; surrendering is to give up the need to be in control and to allow the universe, your higher self or God whatever it is that you deem your higher power, to take over.

There are times in all of our lives when it seems like we run into one obstacle after another; wouldn't it be valuable to have a deeper understanding of the path you've been on and discover reasons you've made some of the choices you've made? "Man, know thyself", when we don't know who we are, we can make choices that have nothing to do with our true needs or values. We follow the values of what our society has told us to do. Having your chart interpreted is like getting your own personal roadmap......maybe it's not for your highest good to get married, live in the suburbs and have two children and a two car garage. Maybe the unfolding of your soul requires you to be single this life-time and not to have children.

 Does it seem unexplained fears keep you from fully enjoying your life?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know about the " lighter" places on your life path ahead? We all get a period of grace and a time when we have "an attitude of gratitude." This is your Jupiter cycle, always a period to look forward to.

Do you sometimes feel there's no justice for you?

There's no doubt about it; some of us have chosen more difficult charts than others. My take on this is that some souls have chosen to heavily balance their karma this lifetime. If you're open to reincarnation, then you would have to know that we've all had life-times where we've played out the scoundrel or victimized others in our quest for power and money. We've chosen this lifetime to balance the karmic ledger.

Does your life often feel like it's in total chaos and that your struggles are never-ending?

Couldn't you use some good news for a change? Maybe Saturn is powerfully placed in your chart and you're overly-responsible. Just knowing that you've got a fun-loving Venus in Sagittarius or Moon in Leo or some other playful planet that is being ignored can help you to focus on bringing that part of yourself out.

Do you feel that material success and possessions often elude you?

Wouldn't you like to tap into the fountain of abilities waiting within? Once again, one of the planets or your rising sign could be running the show and cause you to feel unworthy or undeserving of being successful. We've all got gifts and abilities that sometimes go unacknowledged until we have our reading with Gwen.

Do you feel that you have talents and skills burning inside of you just longing to be released?

Wouldn't you like to find the keys to open the fabulous treasures of your own potential? Sometimes we're hanging out with the wrong people and not getting a good mirror image of ourselves. When our higher self knows it's time to bring out some of these untapped talents and skills, often-times it will bring a person into our life that will encourage or draw out that part of our self. Planets are people.

Are you aware that certain "transits" can effect you in areas such as sudden weight gain, or memory loss that aren't necessarily permanent conditions? Neptune transits can definitely create weight gain; there's water retention during this cycle along with "the bag lady feeling". We're not usually too interested in our appearance or the outer world during this cycle....there's a sense of "The Divine Discontent," we are on an inner journey searching for "the meaning of life" and a deeper connection with our soul.

Because of our preoccupation with the unconscious and our soul searching, we can be accused of not being "present" in our more intimate relationships. Also, during a Neptune transit there can be a fear of literally losing one's mind or that we're having an early onset of Alzheimer's. Things like losing our keys, forgetting people's names, forgetting words, are typical of this transit. Not to worry, "this too shall pass."

Are you finding yourself over-reacting to people and situations, angry for no obvious reason?

Possibly Mars is transiting your Moon. When transiting Mars is squaring, opposing or conjunct our natal Moon, the volume gets turned up. The Moon in astrology represents our emotions, habits, day to day moods and our sense of belonging. Mars is the warrior planet so when it transits our Moon everything seems to tick us off. It's important to stay very conscious with this one; we can end relationships, quit jobs and react to people in a very harsh way. Reactive is the buzz word with this transit.

Ever wonder why, no matter how hard you try, affirmations, exercising, meditating, counseling etc., just doesn't seem to snap you out of the emotional or mental space you're in?

What is going on here is more  than likely the result of "adverse" transits to your natal chart. Planetary vibrations cause a change in our metabolism (expanding, contracting and otherwise changing the quality of bodily fluids) the incoming stimuli produce chemical changes noticed as feelings which induce attitudes of mind. Planetary vibrations act chiefly upon the nervous system so the more conscious we are, the more choice we have in how we act out difficult transits.

The answers to these very important questions can be found through Astrology

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