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What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. 

--Richard Bach


Physics Leading the Way To Metaphysics . . .

"Traditionally, religion has looked on the world of natural science as opposed to the world of Spirit, but paradoxically, today, it is the world of science that is unwittingly preparing human thought for this breakthrough, by uncovering the ephemeral nature of matter at it's basic levels, and showing the relationship between mind and matter. This makes it easier to conceive of a mental or a transcendent reality. Thought is more prepared to consider the spiritual foundations of theology, and eventually to connect with the creative governing intelligence of the universe, that we call God." Mindpower and The Spiritual Dimension" by Richard Haw

We are all aware of the many trials and tribulations that our world is presently experiencing. Evil, in the form of pollution, crime, hatred, greed, and moral decline, seems to be increasing in proportion to the current materialistic outlook. It would seem then that the remedy for these ills is not more materialism, but a looking away from matter towards Spirit, towards the true nature of our relationship to the Infinite Source of All Being. This wouldn't mean that we ignore our present basic material needs but when we turn to the "Divine Mind", the Collective Consciousness, or Spirit (God), whatever term one wants to use, then, and only then will we find true, practical and lasting solutions which would benefit everyone involved. I've seen this principle demonstrated and therefore know it to be true.

Einstein once said that anyone studying physics long enough is inevitably led into metaphysics.

The original Webster's Dictionary defines metaphysics as the science of the principles and causes of all things existing; hence, the science of mind or intelligence.

Christ was the greatest metaphysician. Through his miracles he proved the supremacy of Spirit over matter. He showed us by His works that there are spiritual laws, which are above material laws, that govern the universe , and when understood, they can be demonstrated as dependable, practical and absolute.

Quantum physics has come to the realization that , basically, there is no matter. It is believed that the seeming reality of our material world is nothing more than the extension or manifestation of our thinking. Thought produces energy and energy produces mass. Several great religions have acknowledged this concept all along. Now, physics is coming to the same conclusions.

Sir James Jeans wrote "We live in a gossamer universe; pattern, plan and design are there in abundance, but solid substance is rare." "Even the elements of the atom itself are only waves of energy void of solid substance. The particles of the atom have no more tangible substance than a thought or a feeling. Gradually matter as a solid thing, has vanished from our concept of the universe - replaced by a basic atomic unit, composed of space and non material charges of energy. This non material nature of the atom is a most essential point in relating the physical universe to the Spiritual Dimension." "The Spiritual Dimension"....by Ann Beals

Many people, including myself, at times, see modern technology as a threat to our freedom and even our health. Everything that man seems to create can be used for good or evil purposes. So, it really isn't the technology that is the problem but it is the thinking behind it. Maybe instead of dreading, fretting, and worrying...and perhaps creating the very reality we fear, we should try and view certain technological developments, such as frequency medicine, computers, cell phones, security cameras, television, microchips....even the ability to control the weather, as a step toward overcoming the seeming limitations of the material world. When we see a trend towards using these technologies for nefarious purposes, each and everyone of us can always turn to the One Supreme Intelligence for harmonious solutions.

A friend once said to me, "Piece by piece, everything human beings have trusted is being revealed as completely untrustworthy: governments (services), finance (capital), industries (goods), schools, media, entertainment, medicine, etc. Everything with which we use to organize socially and politically is being stripped of value and rendered useless for anything but control through intimidation, coercion and indoctrination. We will have nothing upon which to rely for self preservation or social and political identity. Everything that humanity has willed into being is being used to ensnare us into consenting to slavery. We can not "will" this situation away. We can only surrender to God.

We can only empty our will to God's will, to God's Love and allow God's love to transform us. Once we are transformed with God at the conscious center of our lives, the world and it's affairs will be transformed by the energy of love, which is infinite and always there.

So , this is our task: to surrender our will, to allow God's love to fill us and overflow into our world. This and this alone is how the world is changed. "

It is clear to me that our world needs a different approach. This approach, that many are recommending, is not some ethereal head in the clouds type of approach but it is the same potent and loving approach demonstrated by Christ Jesus. He certainly wasn't wishy washy in his methods. He commanded the waves to be still and the storm to cease. He did cast out the money changers in the temple. He raised the dead. He healed withered limbs, fed the five thousand with only a few loaves and fishes, turned water into wine and passed through angry crowds unseen. He said "I of mine own self can do nothing, it is the Father in heaven that doeth the works"....and again, promised that we could do the same. The same power that was available to Him, is available to all mankind throughout all eternity. I believe this was one of Christ's most profound teachings to humanity. Many feel that Christ's crucifixion was not an example of defeat but that his resurrection was the supreme demonstration of the unreality of matter. He proved that Life is eternal and doesn't depend on material circumstances.

There is concern today that because we are seemingly composed of energy or certain types of frequencies, that our true nature can be manipulated ( through energy weapons), by those who wish to control. If we take a step back for a moment and look at this objectively, we will perhaps come to the conclusion that the seeming "powers that be" are trying to create fear and that it is really only the fear itself that we have to fear. Fear closes us off to our connection to God. God is spiritual. He is all good and he encompasses ALL. "In Him we live and move and Have our being". The Bible says we are made in His image and likeness. Therefore, we are also spiritual. Spirit is the opposite of matter. The two are totally separate. One cannot affect the other. In fact, if Spirit ( God ) is ALL then, like physics is now saying, there is no matter. Therefore, even energy is a form of thought. Ultimately material energy has no power over our true being....once we realize this. And this can translate into protection here and now. God/Good is the only power in control...but we have to acknowledge this, feel it and know it before we can see it becoming evident in our experience.

I would like to close with several paragraphs from "The Spiritual Dimension" by Ann Beals

" I began my search during the gentle world of the fifties - a world that has since given way to revolutionary changes. A new society has emerged, one that has shattered the values and ethics of the past, overturned educational and cultural patterns, changed business, government and economy. While we recognize that many of these changes threaten the future of humanity, there appears to be no solutions to them. There are no simple or immediate answers to the complex problems we face. But this does not mean there are no answers. In time we will discover that an understanding of the structure and content of the spiritual dimension will provide answers to those problems that are beyond the realm of science and technology. The discovery of this spiritual dimension marks the end of one age and the beginning of another. This new age will meld together science and religion into one harmonious whole, and transform the world consciousness. It will fulfill the prophecy of John in Revelation, when he wrote of the coming of a "new heaven and a new earth".

"I thought of this "new heaven and new earth early one morning as I waited for the sun to rise. Outside my window there was only the silent night. The winds whispered. The clouds drifted by. Nothing seemed to change. Then a soft light began to dawn, outlining various forms in deep shades of gray. The first rays of the dawn brought an iridescent glow to everything. Then the sun rose, revealing a landscape that was beautiful, complete, perfect in every detail - and yet so hidden in the darkness a short time ago. The change was effortless. In this transformation, the dawn had not created a thing. It had only brought to light that which already existed. As I watched this transformation, I thought, "How so like the coming of this earth's Spiritual Age."

Written by Marjorie Tietjen

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