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The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

--Rabindranath Tagore


The Cycles of Astrology .  .  .

A transit occurs whenever a planet that's moving in it's orbit during your lifetime forms an aspect to one of your natal planets, the Sun, Moon, or any of the house cusps in your natal chart.

In Astrology, the "houses" represent departments of our lives, (i.e. the second house represents our money-making abilities, values, self worth, and so forth). The phrase "transiting a house" refers to the time period during which a planet goes into a sign that rules a certain house in your personal natal chart. These "transits" indicate important trends and issues in your life in that time period, therefore, by having a reading of your chart-- you'll learn the things you can expect to experience during transits in each different house; both emotionally, psychologically, as well as, circumstantially.

In romantic relationships, Venus, Mars and the Sun will be of primary importance. More importantly, whenever one person's Venus, Mars, or the Moon is in the same sign as the other person's rising sign, there will always be an attraction; whether it's romantic or friendship...they just plain like your style and can more easily be a part of your life.

Another interesting dynamic is the Saturn-Sun conjunction. In this combination, one person can have his Sun in Aries, while his romantic interest has Saturn in Aries. For better or worse, this is a powerful combination. The Saturn person always seems to respect and admire the Sun person and looks to that person for inspiration and optimism, while the Sun person counts on the reliability and foundation that the Saturn person can provide. The down-side is often felt by the Sun-person who can begin to feel as though he's weighted down with the problems and lack of enthusiasm from the Saturn-person. This combination usually produces a long term relationship that sometimes is very difficult to leave. There's a sense of a past life-time relationship where there might be a karmic debt that needs to be balanced.

The greatest value of astrology is probably to be found in the aid it gives man in discovering the significance of what has already happened. Only as every factor of his life-history stands out with clear meaning in terms of the whole life-destiny - only then is man really prepared to face his future with intelligence and understanding; in other words, in function of his true individual selfhood. - Dane Rudhyar

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