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Client Questions & Answers . . .

Dear Gwen, I am a Taurean (born 9.45 am 30/4/76 in Oxford UK) in a long term relationship with an Ariean (born around 4 am 12/4/72 London UK). Over the last 6 months I have to my total bewilderment gotten involved with a Scorpio man (born about 1:50 AM 25/10/73 London UK). I am in a state of utter confusion, I love Mr. Aries but our relationship is stagnant and has been for a while, and I think I've fallen in love with Mr. Scorpio despite my best efforts not to. This situation is SO unlike me I feel Scorpio man must be special but am I deluded under the influence of the Neptune-sun transit I have going on?? Can you give me any indication of where I'm going with this??  Thank you so much. Vicky

Dear Vicky, It's quite perceptive of you to realize that transiting Neptune squaring your Sun has had something to do with drawing you into the relationship with the Scorpio.

With Neptune, there is always some kind of subterfuge or deceit, either by us or someone we're involved with. I usually warn clients about getting involved romantically with someone while under a Neptune transit because once the rose-colored glasses come off we often feel as though the person has misrepresented them self somehow. However, it's usually the one experiencing the Neptune transit that is seeing what they want to see.

Vicky, I can't advise you as to what you should do. The planets will bring in new experiences and new relationships that will represent the major transit you're experiencing. In your case, it's Neptune....planets are people, and when we have a Neptune transit going on in our chart it will bring in a Neptunian type of person and experience. Mr. Scorpio has a wide natal conjunction of Venus and Neptune; this makes me question his capacity to be faithful. Also, in transit right now he has Pluto conjunct his natal Venus and Saturn opposing it. The Pluto conjunction can indicate meeting someone that evokes some kind of dramatic change within himself and the Saturn opposing his Venus can indicate obstacles within the relationship, such as a third party involved or a geographical problem.

I can certainly see how your relationship with the Aries has become a bit stagnant. For the last 3 years, he has had Saturn opposing his Venus, Mars, Moon and Mercury....this has put him into somewhat of a fear mode....it's very difficult for people to be open, spontaneous or loving under these aspects.
Does the Aries know about your relationship with the Scorpio? This could be a wake-up call for him; very often when we go through the transits that he has been going through we tend to take our partner for granted.

All in all, I don't think I would make long range plans with the Scorpio, Vicky. It looks to me as though he may be a catalyst in helping you to end a relationship that perhaps you have outgrown. In a lot of ways Neptune will test us as to how we handle a situation. The low road with a Neptune transit would be sneaking around and lying; the high road would be expressing your truth and being as open and honest as possible.
I hope this has helped; so often when the trans-Saturnian planets such as Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are involved, situations are karmic and all the advice or head knowledge in the world cannot prevent a karmic experience from taking place. Just be true to yourself Vicky.

Blessings . . .    

Hi Gwen, I have a question for you regarding relationships. I am single again after a second failed marriage, both ending because of unfaithful husbands. Am I ever destined to find that special person whom I can be happy with for the rest of my life? My birth date is Oct. 31, 1951 at 7:58 am, born in Trenton, NJ. 
Sincerely, Nancy

Dear Nancy:  In analyzing your birth chart, I have noticed that the rulers of your 7th house of partnership and marriage and your 5th house of love affairs are both placed in the sign of Virgo in the 10th house of business and career. Do you tend to make your marriages into more of a business partnership and somehow let the romance slip away? There's a tendency with planets in Virgo to somehow give away their power... a sort of peace at any price consciousness. 

Something else of interest is that there's a past life-time carry-over of abandonment issues that is still in your memory bank this life-time. You have the Sun, Mercury, the Moon all in Scorpio in the 12th house along with Scorpio rising. The 12th house has to do with the unconscious, secret enemies, (sometimes the secret enemy is ourselves) and past lifetime scenarios. Scorpio's greatest fear whether conscious, or unconscious is fear of abandonment. This is the MAJOR issue you're working on this lifetime. One of the really powerful gifts people with planets in Scorpio have going for them is their ability to totally transform themselves. 

If you have been making your relationships into more of a business partnership, now is the time to practice up on your Scorpio magnetism and sense of mystery... you're a very sensual and charismatic woman....don't let your Virgo planets take over.... use them where needed... in business and use your powerful Scorpio energy in relationships... be a little more mysterious and a little less self-critical.  

Beginning July of 2001 you have some very interesting opportunities coming your way. At that time you will have Jupiter trining your Sun... this will bring in men of really good character that will want to be kind and generous with you. Also, you will have Saturn transiting your 7th house of partnership and marriage... this transit often-times leads to marriage. So, in answering your question, I would say that yes, you can still meet that life-time mate, but meanwhile utilize this time in getting to know yourself and begin to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. Blessings Update: As predicted by Gwen Oana, Nancy did become involved with a kind and generous man and they married in Dec. 2002!

Blessings . . .    

Dear Gwen, I love your website, and it is such a wonderful thing you do to answer questions free of charge. I consider you a true astrologer. I was born 7/29/46, 2:03 pm EST in Baltimore, Md. My question is this: I have been involved with a divorced woman 17 years my junior for over four years now. She had a miserable marriage and as a result is afraid to, or just doesn't want to be in a committed relationship again. However, I do, and I would like to know if you think I should look elsewhere for a life partner. Her birth data is 3/4/64, 2:51 PM, EST, Manhattan, NY. Thank you, George

Dear George, There are some definite plusses and minuses in this relationship. One of the most significant dynamics between two people which indicates attraction and longevity is either Venus, the Moon or Mars in the same sign as the other person's rising sign. You and your friend have that. Her rising sign is Leo; your Moon is in Leo, your rising sign is Scorpio, her Moon is in Scorpio.

I can definitely see that you are both attracted to one another, however, because of her Moon being in Scorpio, and four of her Pisces planets in the eighth house...she has some serious abandonment issues and issues surrounding power and control. At times, she might feel a little overpowered by you George. With your Scorpio rising and four planets in Leo, I imagine you can come across a little forceful at times.

To be honest with you, I don't think this relationship is meant to be a life-long commitment. Currently, Saturn in Gemini is squaring your Venus in Virgo, this square began March of 2001. This can be a difficult transit, particularly in the area of relationships....it's a testing time....if there's enough love and respect between the two people, they are able to navigate through it without breaking up. However, your friend has transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn in her seventh house of partnership and marriage; this transit usually indicates a break-up...Saturn represents the status quo, and Uranus is the revolutionary planet. If the two of you have stopped growing as a couple, more than likely Uranus will break down the crystallization of Saturn and begin to free you both up.

My sense is that once Saturn leaves Gemini in June of 2003 and is no longer squaring your Venus in Virgo you will meet your life-time partner....to be more specific, between June and August of 2003.

Take good care George and enjoy your Jupiter ride which begins August 2nd of this year and ends Sept. of 2003. Jupiter will be in Leo which will put you in the limelight and ease some of the burdens you may be carrying.

Blessings . . .    

Dear Gwen, I am a 45 year old female, born 7-21 53 at 12:11 A.M. in Sioux Falls, S.D., married 22 years to a Sag. born 12-17-49 at 1:00 pm in Schenectady, N.Y.  I am finding myself in a " marriage and life reassessment situation."  I'm holding on by a rope which also seems to be around my neck! What do you see in regard to my marriage and my current life situation? Thanks, Demartini 

Dear Demartini, First of all, what I'm seeing here is that you have an exact " trine" from transiting Uranus in Aquarius to your natal Venus in Gemini. This is a very liberating aspect as Uranus is always about breaking us out of ruts and giving us a greater sense of freedom and individuality. If we do nothing about this call from the heavens, we will experience exactly what you described....a rope around our neck! 

This is a time for you to experiment, explore and by all means to free yourself from old values and rigid conditioning issues. Your husband is beginning his 2 and a half year Saturn square Venus which means he has lessons to learn without you. Venus represents our ability to give and receive love.... Perhaps he's been taking you for granted for the last few years and needs to take a look at this. He can't do that if you're always there for him. Enjoy this time in your life... Get in touch with your Venus and Jupiter in Gemini...write a book.. give a speech....get your sense of humor back!

Blessings . . .    

Dear Gwen, I have a son born 10-2-63 at 11:41 PDT, who is extremely manipulative, seeming to thrive on keeping control of everyone and everything or he suffers bouts of anger and depression. Does this kind of thing show up in his natal chart and will it always be his way of interacting with others? Thanks, From His Mom

Dear "Mom,"  In looking at your son's natal chart, I can see that he's extremely intelligent and mentally agile. In the third house of the mind and brothers and sisters, he has Pluto conjunct Mercury which shows he is capable of using his penetrating mind in a very manipulative and controlling way; because he feels as though getting to the truth ("truth" as he sees it) is more important than comfort.  

When he feels as though he's losing control in some way, this same aspect can cause bouts of depression and rage... Control is an enormous issue with his planetary aspect. Because of the planets being placed in the sign Virgo, what is needed here is humility, this is not an easy lesson for him to learn coupled with his Aries Moon and Mars in Scorpio.

However, with some maturing and a few harsh nudges from the universe, I feel that between July of 2000 and July of 2001, he will begin to recognize how his behavior is distancing the very people that he needs to love him the most. Jupiter will be trining his Fourth house Sun and Venus in Libra....this should help him look at himself more clearly and begin to allow his Libra sense of fair play and justice express itself. Don't give up on him. Aries Moon people take a little longer to mature!  Blessing

Blessings . . .    

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