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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.  Unknown


My Clients Comment .  .  .

"Gwen gives us a certain vantage point that helps makes sense out of the cast of characters we interact with . . . "

Gwen, I was going through my favorites book marked on the internet, and your updated website with the questions and all is just AWESOME! I use astrology like a science to help enhance my life both professionally and personally. Over the years I've found it's a very exact predictor of tendencies in people and situations. I think Gwen offers a balance of common sense interpretation and experience. Like anything else, if you have an open mind to astrological science or numerology, you will get more out of it. It's almost like having a secret weapon to help understand people and situations and then using this understanding to help build a successful life.   

Brenda Johnson, Indianapolis

"It's almost like having a secret weapon . . . "

I have known Gwen since 1992. I live in Denver and even though we have not met in person, I feel a special relationship and friendship with Gwen due to the counseling she has provided me over this ten year time period. There is great advantage to understanding and viewing our destinies in the way astrology can. With Gwen's gift of interpreting and viewing our charts as she does, it can be extremely beneficial to know what to prepare for or to understand why life is inordinately difficult at different times. Prior to my marriage in 1996, trying to engage a relationship with my present husband was especially trying. At various times, I felt like giving up. I would consult with Gwen on a regular basis to try to make sense of this struggle. Many friends of mine felt like I should not bother with the relationship. But in my heart, I knew I could not toss it aside. Now 6 years later, I am grateful that I did not and thanks to Gwen's support, I preserved and, my husband and I have a good marriage! I have two teenagers, who have their own conflicts and most recently I have consulted with Gwen to see what is going with them. It is most helpful to understand the present situation, but also have some understanding of their future destinies that makes the hear-and-now of dealing with teens who are struggling, more bearable. Gwen gives us a certain vantage point that helps makes sense out of the cast of characters we interact with and the life we have before us. Gwen is the port in the storm. I am eternally grateful to her and give her much credit for helping me keep on track.

Jody Mangue, RN, LCSW Denver, Colorado

"Her accuracy never ceases to amaze me . . . "

 I have utilized Gwen Oana's services since August of 1990. Over the years, I have found her astrological advice to be invaluable and extremely accurate. During my most challenging times, Gwen has helped by explaining what is happening on an astrological level, making it easier to understand and handle the situations going on during these crises periods. Her accuracy never ceases to amaze me and I highly recommend a reading by her to all of you for a life changing experience.

Sincerely, Barbara W. San Diego, CA

". . . astrology has provided me with clarity on many issues."

I have known Gwen Oana for over 10 years as both a friend and consultant. I rely heavily on her guidance and counsel in both personal and business affairs. I have found her to be extremely accurate in her observations. She is both gentle and honest in her readings. There have been so many situations in my life that I would not have handled well without knowing ahead of time what I might be facing. Her information has served as an invaluable tool for me and has provided me with clarity on many issues. Gwen has helped me to create more balance and harmony in my life. I cannot imagine living life without incorporating astrology into it. I highly recommend her to anyone who would like a better understanding of their chart.

Vicki D in San Francisco

"My self knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. . ."

For my entire life I've struggled to know, understand and improve myself, inside and out, but just as many people do, I often found myself confused over many issues.

I didn't have my natal chart done until I was 50 years old, but it was just the right moment in my life to do so, because I was blessed with being drawn to Gwen through a dear friend.  

When the nearly two hour reading of my chart was completed, I felt a tremendous flow of good positive energy on every level! It was amazing. I was really astonished by the things she told me about myself... all of which explained so much that had previously been incomprehensible to me!

Gwen is a gentle-hearted lady who provides a "safe zone" in which to peel off the layers of self and peek inside all of the corners. Her skills have been a fabulous guiding light and the many friends I've sent to her having been renewed through their own experience with her ability to explain so many fine details. I think Gwen is a brilliant master of astrology... but far too humble to call herself such.  

Gratefully, CK

When you charted and read my Natal Chart you told me many details about things to come in the 12-month period ahead. One thing you told me was that my planetary signs showed that I would meet a dark haired, out-doors type, foreign man who would be significant in my life. Six months later I met and married my wonderful husband who is dark haired, dark-eyed,  and was born in a foreign land! He's been a very significant person in my life, in a very positive way. So, you couldn't have been more correct!  CK

". . . a tool to guide me in business decisions."

Astrology is a science I have used for many years as a tool to guide me in business decisions. For the past nine years I have consulted with Gwen Oana, using her expertise to advise me regarding personality compatibility when considering a new hire for my business. Her astrological skill has been invaluable and has provided me insight as to one's natural capabilities, potential and work ethic. This knowledge has proven to be cost effective for my business and has helped to reduce employee turnover. 

On a more personal level, Gwen has helped guide (and warn) me through challenging transitional astrological periods. It is a truism that "forewarned is forearmed" and it is reassuring to know that "this too, shall pass".

Gwen's style and delivery of this information is kind and compassionate. She knows her craft and delivers her information with inspiration and gentility. Her experience is vast and complete.

I have recommended Gwen to many of my friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so. I know that for my own purposes, I will continue seeking her astrological counsel in many aspects as my life grows forward.

Margaret Ancira, President
Physicians Choice, Scottsdale, A

  " . . . knowing ahead of time what's coming up, gives me  
the opportunity to prepare myself."   

It's not a coincidence that every time life seems to be a little out of control, there is some planetary happening affecting me. I can call Gwen and find out how long until this energy starts moving and it always brings me some relief. Gwen has also been right on when she does compatibility charts for me with amazing accuracy. I get my Solar Return done every year, knowing ahead of time what's coming up, gives me the opportunity to prepare myself. Thanks Gwen for all the years of support and help!!

Joanna G. in Tucson

"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician. There is one common flow. One common breathing. All things are in sympathy . . ." 5th Century B.C.-- Hippocrates

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